Birthday bash…

Thank god (if there is one) for mini me being only 4 years old and much smaller than me. If not, I would literally have had a birthday ‘bash’. Really! She’s 4 years old and she’s 38lbs. She isn’t even half my size. Her head doesn’t even come up to my waist. And I still get kicked early in the morning by this little lilliput. I swear it wasn’t my fault! Not this time.  And no! I am not making this up either. She actually kicked me. She held o to me so she wouldn’t lose balance and she kicked me. For the first time in her life. And believe it or not, it was because I was born today. Actually, come to think of it, it was for claiming to be born today. We still haven’t been able to establish the fact or prove to her that it is indeed my birthday. We tried. We really did. And we tried mighty hard. But, she just doesn’t buy this cock n bull story about my being able to have a birthday without it being hers too 🙂 So, she kicked me for lying to her. She hates me for being given the privilege of picking a restaurant of my choice, and she hates me even more for picking a place that doesn’t serve mac n cheese. She doens’t like it that I got a camera for a gift (she got one for christmas and now it’s not special anymore coz it seems like every tom, dick and harry can get a camera for a gift when it’s not even their birthday!!) Anyway, I am hoping she will forget and forgive me by tomorrow morning for being born on a day that she so doesn’t approve of…


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