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It’s funny how life changes once you get married. I had almost forgotten how much I loved colours until about 2 months back when I signed up for a beginner’s Acrylic painting class. And then the flood gates opened and it all came back to me. The magic of colours. Shades. Tones. Tints. The play of lights and shadows. The movement of colours in a painting. Transparency. Opacity. The pain of mixing purples. Grey scales. Watercolour paper. Palette knives. The feel of thick acrylics on my fingertips. The joy of having paint stuck under my fingernails and the joy in ruining my only pair of comfortable jeans with dabs of paint. And strange as it may sound, the joy in knowing that those dabs are never going to come off 🙂 But like I said, life happens. First the cooking and laundry and dishwashing happens.  Then the diapers and feeding happens. And then the bedtimes and ‘brush your teeth-RIGHT NOW!!’ happens. And suddenly, one fine day it dawns upon you that you haven’t so much as picked up a paint brush or palette knife in years.

But, I am glad to be back. And I’m glad to be married to a ‘minimalist’ who doesn’t crib about the paint tubes and brushes and palette and paper and scissors and foam sheets and glitter glue and gesso and gloss medium and hair dryer strewn around…


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