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A Miracle!!

I am thrilled. Excited. Elated. Full of energy. I feel like Eliza Dolittle singing ‘I could’ve danced all night’!! The reason? Oh! I have a pretty darned good reason to feel this happy. I want to scream it out from the mountain tops. You will not believe what happened this morning! Jr. H brushed her teeth. And that’s not all. She not only brushed her teeth, but she did it on her own. With paste. In precisely 5 minutes. She did not swallow the paste. And here’s the best part…all this without one drop of tear! No ‘silence‘. No wrestling. No bloodshed. No head injuries or hospitalizations. No blackmails. No threats. None of that. Just pure plain old peace. Non-violence. It’s amazing how the quality of my entire day depends on a four year old brushing her teeth!


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