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When kids become teenagers…

Nope! Mine isn’t a teenager. Yet. She has a ‘good’ (and that is what I call wishful thinking) 9 years to go before that.  But she’s being nice to me. She’s letting me have a sneak peek at what she will be like in her teens.  Most parents might miss taking the hint but not me! Oh no! I get it so totally and clearly that all of my recreational reading is only about kids and how to live with them.

As you know or might have guessed, my daughter turned 4 a few months ago. And there is reason why they call it the ‘fearsome fours’.  To me it feels like her birthday was the official declaration of war in my house!

And Mr. M is now our official mediator. I guess he has a strong affinity to ‘M’ words.  He is the one that intervenes when push comes to shove and might progress to head injury and hospitalization as a result of trying to brush our teeth. He is also of great help when Jr.H insists that she will go to school in her underwear.  He is the one who checks on us when there is maddening silence in the house, the silence not from us being quiet but from us screaming so hard that our voices go above and beyond the frequencies that humans are capable of detecting. Now being able to distinguish between those two types of silences is a very special talent and it takes a lot of practice.

The only problem we have is Mr. M’s part time (and needless to say, less important)occupation like his day job which keeps him away from home for a good 8 hours in a day. Take away the time that Jr. H spends at school and we are still left to fend for ourselves and protect ourselves from each other for what seems like eternity but actually amounts to about 4 hours. So, for the sake of those 4 hours, I started reading a very interesting book that many other survivors had recommended. And guess what I found. She is EXACTLY like me!!!


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