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Global Positioning System…

Oh Please, get serious people!! What is this thing supposed to do anyway? Show you the way? Maybe I should come back another day to finish this blogpost when I get out of the hospital after having my sides sewn because as of now they sure are splitting!

And, could somebody please tell me why I let Mr. M con me into letting him buy this thing?  It wasn’t enough that we were willing to kill each other over my ‘stuff’ and his ‘junk’, we had to go and add her to the mix. Yeah! It’s a ‘she’ and I think the only reason we still put up with her is because she has enslaved Mr. M by the way she says ‘destination’. I can say a lot of words and I can say them pretty well. How come none of those have that kind of effect on him? And all she does is say, “arriving at destination ” after I have done all the navigation!

The other day, Ka wasn’t well and we were desperately trying to find a pharmacy close to our home. So, after arguing for at least 15 minutes as to where the closest pharmacy was, Mr. M decided to shush me and ask ‘her’. It’s anybody’s guess on how annoyed I was.  As his luck would have it (and much to my delight!), his lady beloved spent what seemed like an eon aquiring satellites 😀  After she finally got what she wanted, she started to give directions. And it’s funny coz the first ‘pharmacy’ that she took us to was an open ground with nothing there. From there she then took us on a mini world tour before she got us to the pharmacy I suggested at the very start. But some people never learn their lesson. On our way out, Mr. M did it again. And so did she 🙂 Finally she made up her mind and decided on a left turn. Her wish is his command. So, he risked our lives to take that left. A cop could have scraped our remains off of the road and booked us for reckless driving if not for the alignment of my stars and planets. And after all this movie style driving just to humour her, what does she do in return? She recalculates and she takes us on another mini world tour (in the other direction this time) before Mr. M begs for forgiveness and asks me to navigate. What could I do? I am a mother and I had to give in for the sake of my child.

But there’s always a next time. And the next time I will surely avenge him. Maybe I will let her take him to the Indian restaurant in New Mexico instead of the one on 140th Ave NE 😉


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