Yay!! We did it! We are both still alive. Neither of us stabbed or poisoned the other. Neither of us are in jail. Our daughter is not up for adoption. And that’s a great achievement. Believe me when I say, this is not how bright and promising things looked about a week or so ago.
I am sure you are dying to know what exactly happened a week ago. Well…we moved. Yeah! Our lease ended and we moved to another house 15 minutes away. At this point if you are asking,”So?” then you don’t have the faintest idea of what ‘H+M=D’ means. In fact go on and add a baby h to the equation. Let’s make it [H+h]+M=dD as in double Disaster. Now for those of you who still don’t get it, let me explain. I am a hoarder (H) and my 4 year old has, let’s say, taken after me (h). Life’s great. We hoard to our heart’s content everything we lay our eyes on and we do art projects together. Ok! we think of art projects together which we almost never end up doing (almost being a very important keyword here). And we have a great time collecting fall leaves and pebbles and shells and all kinds of wonderful things and dreaming. And then comes along Mr. Minimalist (M) and discovers all our secret stash. Now, he might think it’s all junk but we all know he can’t do anything but code!! People like Mr. M have no clue what they are talking about. And we don’t, as a rule, listen to people who can do nothing but code. So, anyway H and h did the only logical thing they could do (this was one of the rare ocassions when H and h were trying their hand at ‘logic’). They ignored M and packed all their treasures for their future art projects. Now came the time to load all those priceless treasures into the car and the man of the house was hailed. Unfortunately, the man and M are the same person. Believe it or not, this time around he actually mustered up enough courage to call our stuff JUNK!!!! Can you believe that? That was it. I wasn’t about to take anymore of these wicked comments from the coder. At this point there could have been a war like scenario if it were not for me and my presense of mind 🙂 The most important thing that M seemed to have overlooked and what I took advantage of is that I am a woman. I have mastered the art of producing tears. I know exactly when, how, where, and how much. And I did just that. What can I say? I hate to toot my horn but I am smart and I won!


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