I am a housewife…

Not a homemaker or a full-time mom but the good old housewife. I stay at home and do what my grandma and my mom did and I don’t feel the need to justify my choice with euphemisms. No, I do not feel less than other women who work. I do not feel greater than them either. Only blessed for not having the compulsion to prove my worth through the bucks I make. Over the 6 years of my married life, I have heard umpteen reasons why I should work. It will give you Independence (from what?), you will not feel worthless (I don’t anyway), you will get to make friends (I still can), every woman should have a job (and that would be because…??), it feels good to have your own money (I’m married and hence there will never be any ‘my’ money), your kids will feel proud of you (so, your job is directly proportionate to how much your kids love you? really? hmmm…interesting!!), you will not lose your individuality (you really ought to look up the meaning of that word in the dictionary if you think it has anything to do with a job…), you will be respected more if you have a job and are financially independent (again, don’t agree. I know well educated working women ill-treated by their family and believe it or not, they put up with it), how can you live off your husband’s money (now you gotta be kidding me!!)

Interestingly enough, never has a woman ever told me that she works because she likes to. Because she wants to. Just for the heck of it. Not for the independence , not for the money, not for the ‘respect’, not to fit in, but just like that.

And that’s what I want. To work for the heck of it. Like travelling around the world. Or going camel back through the desert. Or, being a housewife. Or watching your kids grow. Or painting. Each of these rides will sure be bumpy and there will be times when you wonder why. But you go on because you want to. Not because you have to.


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