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The joy of dancing…

I love dancing. I know this is the billionth time I am saying that but I truly love dancing. Just the sound of music and watching someone dance moves me to tears. And every time I watch someone dance, my love for it only grows multi fold.

The person that I am, once that realisation has come to me, I have to figure out why. Or at least think about the ‘why’ part of it. So, I thought about it. And I think I have an answer. At least part of an answer.

Now there is the regular stuff of dance giving me wings and setting me free. And it takes me to another world and how this is the only thing that I do for myself. This is the only time I get for myself, a time where nothing else matters. But I think what I love the most about dancing is the pure joy of it. Not the kind of joy you get from believing that you are adding value to a system. Not the dependent variety of joy but the kind of joy you get from doing something that has no purpose in life. I don’t dance for a purpose. I don’t dance for a reason. I just dance. The same as I just stare at the sky or the mountain. Or listen to the water tumbling down stream. Or listening to the birds chirping. There is a quality to purposelessness that goes unmatched.


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