Hobbies, me

We the hoarders

Hoarders!  We are a funny bunch. Nope. That’s not the royal we. It’s just an expression of hope that others like me exist. That I am not alone. And why do I think we are a funny bunch? Because we manage to complicate our lives with things that are meant to simplify it and bring joy and peace. We hoard passions!! Can you believe that? That’s right. Hoard passions!! I have these bazzilion things I feel the need to learn and do and I have absolutely no idea where to start. So, what do I do?? Well….what I do is drift around aimless and rudderless like a dandellion and land in some random place the wind happens to drop me. But again, nothing in my world is permanent. Not even my passions. So when I have barely started to explore the whole new world I have just landed in, I start to dream of and long for other new experiences and adventures and needless to say I am on my way there even before I know it. And once I am on my way, I long to go back where I came from and explore some more. But then I am already curious about the place I am going to……and this helplessness leads to stress and craziness (my husband can vouch for that part :))
So, what exactly is it that I love doing? Good question. Maybe this is my chance to figure things out for myself. Let’s think about it. Well….hmm….so…..I….err….well….where do I start?! Ok, here you go and this is in no particular order of preference. I love to sew, knit, crochet, embroider. I love to play with clay. I love paper crafts (make my own greeting cards and lamp shades and that kind of stuff you know). I love to dance, I love to sing. I love to play the Violin (but I am no expert, not even close. I just started learning. ). I love to make toys for my daughter, nephew and niece. I love to play with Photoshop. I love Psychology.  I love to write.  I love drawing and painting. I love cooking.  I love photography. 
Now some people might call this creativity and talent but believe me when I say it’s a curse. A very sadistic and rude joke. I can’t so much as look at a matchstick without an idea pop into my head.  And do I ever get around to working on any of these projects? I have to, at this point, refer you to my very first post and then the third one. There lies the answer to the age old question,”Do I ever follow-up on my ideas”.

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