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I’m in love…..

There’s been a new development in my life. I am in love. With ‘X’. I have known X forever. Enjoyed X’s company. X has been a part of my life for a long long time. My parents were always proud of my aquaintence with X. Not something that worried them. They were just happy for me. In fact they wanted me to take the relationship one step further and make a commitment. But I wasn’t sure of that. Didn’t want to commit to X. I loved Y more. Y was for me. But X has always been there. Stealthily lurking behind. Making sure to be there for me. At all times. And now I am in love with X too. Yeah! ‘Too’ which means I cannot get over my love with Y. Ever. But I know and believe that X and Y can co-exist. No trouble there….

Ok now people!! Don’t start thinking up scandalous thoughts. Let me introduce you to X and Y before you go too far. Or maybe I should let you guess…hints anyone? Here you go. And these hints are a dead giveaway. Oh! BTW, no more grieving and lamenting over not being able to dance. It’s just a silly little menescal tear and chondromalacia patella. I should be fit as a fiddle in a matter of months.


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