It’s OK to change your mind…

A very tiny wooden desk. A comfortable chair with a straight back. A notebook-just plain white sheets of paper. A bottle of turquoise ink. A fountain pen. This is how I would rather write. Where every thought, every emotion is captured. Forever. Where a thought cannot be ‘backspaced’. Where I put down everything that I feel at that moment. I can change my mind and strike it off but it does not go away. It’s not lost. The fact that I thought that thought remains and is there for me to see. Nothing to be sorry about. Nothing to be hidden. It’s just a change of mind. I accept it, let it be and move on. I don’t have to make it vanish into thin air as if it was never there. And if I do want to erase a recorded thought, it is a conscious well thought decision where I light a candle and hold the paper to the flame till it is all destroyed and then I get rid of the ashes. Much more complex than hitting a geometrical shape that tries to act like a button of sorts.

I just love the silence of a pen gliding over paper, spilling my thoughts. Without any distractions. Without the mindless chatter of the keyboard. Without the bright light shining in my face, the ads, the ‘page layouts’, the ‘settings’, the stress of remembering to ‘save’ the work. Writing blogs is so stressful for me that I invariably hit the wrong button thingie (whatever they are called) on the screen and lose everything. I hate the fact that I have to go back and type words again because my ‘that’ is ‘taht’ and I have ‘typred’ instead of ‘typed’. I would never do that on paper.

So anyway, the point I am getting at is that I thought I would have this blog exclusively for my craft ideas but now I think I will start writing other stuff too (this and that, about life in general) coz I can’t bear the thought of maintaining more than 1 blog. And if you hear nothing from my end for too long, that’s because I have accidentally deleted something I totally loved and am not on talking terms with my desktop!! Since we have this innate hatred for each other, it takes us a really long time to forgive and forget 🙂


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