We, the vagabond minimalists…

Hmmm….so, we are vagabond minimalists. We hop across continents, and when we stay in a place for a few years, we move houses everytime our lease ends. Most people would find that painful but we like it. I know. We are weirdos. Our daughter is a bit confused about this whole process now but since she is a cleaniness freak (why do I say that about a 3 year old? That’s got to be a whole new post!!) and the house is a big mess for a month before we move out, the joy and relief on her face when we do finally move into a clean empty house is a sight worth seeing. She thinks we moved because the house got too messy for us to handle 🙂

Anyway, it all works out in our favour. I get to do a lot of DIY stuff (sewing and artwork and interior decoration using pure unadulterated ‘junk’). Hubby dearest gets to get rid of a lot of ‘junk’ (when I fail in my attempts to emotionally blackmail him to keep) and the little doll gets to redo her room all over again. We all get our way with a little bit of compromise thrown in for some flavor. And we all live happily ever after….ever after being until we move again 🙂

Anyway, at this point it must be really obvious that we don’t own a house. So, I just do DIY projects and come up with ideas for each house based on what we already have there. Of all the houses we have lived in so far, one house had curtains and really heavy ones at that. I wanted to buy some curtain rings to pretty them up but we, as a rule try and address our ‘wants’ with things lying around the house. So, what did I use for curtain rings? Paper clips. Jumbo ones. With beads at the sharp ends to keep them from snagging the fabric.
Minimalistic and elegant.


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