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Simple things….

We are minimalists…my husband and I. Which means we desperately try not to tread into the cursed forbidden territory of ‘wants’. That is not to say that we always succeed. But we try. And we try hard. It goes without saying that my husband is better at it than me coz I am the artist. I see junk (defined as stuff that my husband would throw away in a millionth of a second with no regrets whatsoever) and I get ideas. I collect. I keep. For later……yeah! yeah! It’s that same dude who never comes…but I wait and I wait in vain…..

Anyway, I wouldn’t say that I never do anything with my ideas. I almost never do anything with them. And then there are those couple of moments here and there when I am overcome by motivation and inspiration and I end up putting some of the teeny tiny ideas to test and this blog is about those rare moments that almost never happen 🙂

Most of my ideas are original, some are inspired by others on the web, some are just an effortless modification of existing ideas.

So, here I go…..


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